Nahw Meer Complete Course in urdu

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Nahw Meer in Urdu Complete Course  ـ نحو میر (Urdu)

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you
In this course I have read the grammar book which is in Persian in Urdu instead of Persian and I have read it from Urdu book.

The student encounters some difficulties while reading this book
  • As this short book is read throughout the year which is an unnecessary task and from it the student understands that grammar is a very long knowledge.
    The solution is that I divided this book into 78 lessons and these lessons are completed in a total of 19 hours. Now if a strong student reads one hour a day, the book will be completed in 19 days.If the average gifted student reads 1 lesson daily, it will be completed in 3 months and if a weak gifted student reads one lesson and memorizes the lesson the next day, it will be completed in 6 months.
  • The second problem is that even after reading the whole year, the book is not understood
    So the solution was to write it down on a whiteboard and try to explain it in a good way.
  • The third problem is that the student has difficulty remembering the lesson
    So the solution is to try to memorize the lesson over and over again
  • The fourth problem is that if the student reads forward, he forgets the back
    So the solution was to repeat the previous lessons of the book over and over again so that the previous ones would not be forgotten.
  • Another problem is that the class is usually 45 minutes long
    I tried to make a 20 minute class so that the reader would not get bored

Topics for this course

78 Lessons19h 01m

Basic Intro Lecture?

اب جو اسباق آیئں گے اس میں سبق کس طرح پڑھنا چاہیے یہ بتایا جائے گا
INTRO VIDEO 1 ( kitaby kis tarha perhni chahia )00:13:23
INTRO VIDEO 2 (Ye mat samjho ky tumhara dimag kamzoor hai)00:12:19
INTRO VIDEO 3 (Kitaby kis tarha yad kerty hain)00:12:28
INTRO VIDEO 4 (Hmara dimag kis tarha kam kerta hai)00:15:03

Part 1…. کلمہ اور کلام (ابتدآء)?

اس کتاب کو چار حصوں میں تقسیم کیا ہے

Part 2… معرب مبنی

Part 3… عامل معمول

Part 4…. خاتمہ

Pdf Book

About the instructor

Muhammad Taha son of Muhammad Tahir. Educational Activities: - Qur'an recitation and memorization of Madrasa from Nimrah Roza-ul-Quran. The first class was studied in Jamiat-ul-Uloom-ul-Islamia, Allama Banuria Town.
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The way of teaching is best of all i have ever seen

Bahut umdah.

very informative & simple way of teaching by Mr Taha...Jazak Allah

very helpful course

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